Custom Painting

Below are a few of the custom painted projects I have had the pleasure to complete in the past couple of years. If you would like one completed for your empire, please feel free to contact me for a quote.

I use Tru-Color paints with Microscale, Circus City and Switchline Decals in the process to complete. I have custom decals printed by Circus City Decals on some projects .

ARMCO Steel Mobile Metallurgy Lab for Adam Thompson

CNW 9856 SD70ACe Fantasy for Tim Royer

CP 8757 "Every Child Matters"
ES44AC for Matthew Mowrer

BN GP's Mike Thoreson

CP 7010 SD70ACU

CP 7017 SD70ACU


CP 6644 Spitfire SD70ACU

CP 7021 Desert Storm SD70ACU

CP 7022 Navy SD70ACU

CP 7023 Air Force SD70ACU

FMRC 2601 Farmrail

MRL 7545 SD45

MRL 359 SD45

MRL 359 SD45

CP 8757 ES44AC

CP 8757 Every Child Matters

IMRL 211 SD40

IMRL 355 SD45

IMRL 8905 SD45

MRL 355 SD45 Meatball